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The Difference

What is the difference between DJ's

Entertaining for over 30 years I've seen and heard many major differences when it comes to DJ's.  The truth is if you're wanting a really low price you might consider renting equipment and using your own playlist. 

What does a cheap DJ look like?

  • Presentation

    • Many will be sitting uninterested and on their phones not paying attention to the vibe or atmosphere of the event

    • Many inexpensive DJs will not be prepared prior to the event. 

      • Have they met you prior to the event and reviewed the type of music to be played?

  • Music

    • Many will play inappropriate music.  

    • Many will use internet music only.  This doesn't seem bad unless you're internet is slow.  Music delays, buffering and intermittent connections can destroy the mojo of the party. 

    • DJs playing the bride and grooms special first song prior to the first song. 

    • DJs refusing to take song requests

  • Accountability

    • DJs have forgotten to show up 

    • DJs have been late

  • Professionalism

    • DJs showing up in shorts and t-shirt to a shirt and tie wedding

    • DJs not being organized

    • DJs equipment all scattered with trip hazards and messy.

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